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Welcome to The Infinite Process

                                                Established 15 October 2001


"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."  

                                                                                             ~ Albert Einstein

         The Winners of The Infinite Process's 2002 Writing contest are:

Grand Prize:

          Alison Klesman, Akujunkan


    First Prize:

        Robin Roberts, Prey

   Second Prize:

        Amelia Mangan, Christobel

   Third Prize:

        Mac Carey, Friday Night        

     Honorable Mentions:

        Kathryn Carissimi, Unable

        Megan Kirkpatrick, Somewhere Beyond the Sea

        Stack Uykimpang, Warmth of Sun

Non Fiction:

   First Prize:

        Greg Vest, Bicentennial Bliss

     Second Prize:

        Kelly Watson, Almost, but Not Quite

     Thrid Prize:

        Mary Lynch Fuller, English Language

     Honorable Mentions:

        Sierra Crane, The Impact of September 11th

        Adriene Brown, September 11th

Those of you who entered the contest will be receiving your judging sheets via mail or email shortly.  Congratulations to the winners!

   At The Infinite Process, our goals are numerous and still growing, but all are dictated by one central vision:  helping students utilize their own minds to make their aspirations attainable.  Imagination is the fuel that fires artists of all kinds, whether their fortes are in writing, visual arts, music, cooking, or design.  TIP does not judge which art is better; we merely help them all become more than just a dream.

           All of goals of TIP cannot be summarized in a few short sentences.  If you would like a more complete look at what the Infinite Process has planned, go to our mission page.  Even there, however, you will find that nothing is set in stone; not only are we a young organization, we think it is important to let those who utilize our services have a say in what those services are.  So please, feel free to offer your advice, ideas, solution, or problems.

           One of our immediate projects, which we hope to make an annual event, is a writing contest.  The contest for 2001 has now come to a close.   The winners of this contest will be announced on the first day of February.   We have left the guidelines for this contest available on our contests page so that prospective writers will be able to start their entries for next years contest early.   For these details and rules on this opportunity for publication, visit our official contests page.  

     We are also looking for writing for our monthly newsletter which will discuss topics close to the interests of young artists.  If you're a young artist and have an idea for an article or a topic you would like to see covered, please submit it to


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