TIP's Mission:

Regaining Youth


Remember the feeling of running out onto the playground for recess, carefree, enthusiastic?  Remember how the whole world was just getting to the swing set, playing with your friends, having fun?

 ever wonder what happened to that?

          We at The Infinite Process not only remember the rousing days of childhood, we cherish them as what life should be.  Whoever said, anyway, that the Real World meant losing that part of yourself from whence sprung the founts of inspiration?

            For many of today’s teenagers, school is no longer fun.  They live for vacations, snow days, faculty meetings.  But for most of those people, is isn’t the learning that has lost its luster, it’s the classrooms, the tedious assignments, the feeling of time wasted when they could be writing, painting, composing, cooking, designing, dreaming.  When did the magic fade?  Why? 

            Most schools today try to hew their students into blocks that will fit nicely into the slot society has prepared for them.  They teach them to meet standards, yes.  But when those standards are nothing higher than average, what will that get the world but a mass of mediocrity?  This new generation is going to have to take the initiative and do something SPECIAL if they want to stand apart from the previous ones that developed PC’s, mass transit, and global communication.

            That’s where The Infinite Process comes in.  We intend to utilize those wonders that our parents and grandparents created and help the coming adults to realize that their dreams do not have to be forsaken.  With the proper assistance they can be published, their artwork can be in galleries, their names known, while still getting their educations in high school and college.

            Childhood doesn’t have to be those lost days of lore.  Even as we move out of it we can take the precious parts with us and use them to make the rest of our lives fulfilling.  TIP wants to help its patrons maintain the joy of living, give them an outlet for their imagination to which they can leap with the enthusiasm inspired by that old swing set out back.