“Well begun is half done.”



The contest judging is now complete and winners have been announced.  If you would like to know the status of your submission feel free to email us. Comments from judges will be sent out shortly.  There were many very good entries, and we want to thank all who participated for making this first contest a success.  Congratulations to the winners whose names will be announced shortly.

If you have questions please email them to


The Infinite Process writing contest has come to a close.  However, if you are  a writer and would like to start your entry for next year's contest, we've left the concluded contest's information as a guide.  Please start early, one never knows where interesting turns may lay. 

Have that novel you started still lying around?  Or a new idea that just won’t go away?  Here’s your inspiration to finish it.


TIP is currently sponsoring two contests in writing.  Both fiction and nonfiction categories are open.  The winning submissions will be gathered into two respective anthologies and published by TIP through Infinity Press.  To check out the publisher, go to their website at  The deadline for both of these is 15 December 2002.   (Submission must be postmarked no later than this date.[Note: We have decided to push back the contest deadline to allow more time for entrants to polish and submit their work])  Winners will be announced on the First of February.  Rules and guidelines are as follows:



There are no topic requirements.  Maximum length is the standard listed below.  These works should be short stories or extended short stories.  (Do not feel obligated to make your work reach the maximum length.  If your story is finished at five pages, do not try to fill it up with things unimportant to the idea.  Remember, we are judging quality, not quantity.)



Topic:   A lot has happened to our nation and the world in the past months.  These entries should be reflections on today’s world.  Some possibilities are your personal reactions, reflections on the changes, the future, or how America’s youth are affected.  DO NOT BE LIMITED BY THESE SUGGESTIONS!  Write how you wish, interpret the topic as the muse leads you.  Maximum length is that listed below, but again, do feel as though you have to reach it.  Nonfiction works are often shorter than fiction, and that is fine.


Length:  Maximum length of all submissions, be they fiction or nonfiction, is 10,000 words (approximately 30 double-spaced typed pages.)  If, however, you reach this limit in the middle of a thought and are nearly finished, feel free to go beyond it slightly, but do not get carried away.  There is no minimum length, and entries will not be judged on how many pages or words contain its idea, but rather on that idea itself.



All winners will receive the following:

         A free volume of the TIP anthology

         50 cards to send to your friends telling them what you’ve done

         From any sales you will receive a stipend based on the books sales (this way you can also learn how to promote your work without the difficulty of just getting the work published. [Trust us, that part is hard enough.])


Grand Prize

There will be one grand prize to be picked from all entries.  Which category they fall under will not be considered.  The winner will receive a cash prize of $250 and a $50 gift certificate to Walden Books.


First Prize

There will be one first prize for each category.  The winners will receive a cash prize of $100 and a $50 gift certificate to Walden Books.


Second Prize

There will be one second prize for each category.  The winners will receive a cash prize of $50 and a $50 gift certificate to Walden Books.


Third Prize

There will be one third prize for each category.  The winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Walden Books.


Honorable Mentions


There will be up to five honorable mentions for each category.  While there are no monetary prizes offered for these places, the winners will still receive those awards listed above.  We remind you, too, that since you receive a portion of the stipend (see below), the more you promote the anthologies, the more you have to gain!


To submit to the contest please mail or email your work to either The Infinite Process Writing Contest, Rt. 6 Box 6670, Keyser, WV 26726 or by email to   Along with your writing please include a cover letter telling about yourself and your work (this need not be more than two pages and will not be shared with judges).  Please note that your work (if submitted by mail) will not be returned if you have not included sufficient postage to return it.  We would also ask that you provide a mailing or email address with which we can contact you to apprise you of the receipt of your submission as well as a phone number to contact you in the event of your winning the contest.  If you have any further questions please email.  Your correspondence will help make our site more helpful to others. 

Entries are limited to one submission per person per category.  This means that you may enter each category, but only once in each. 

Cash prizes are to be considered a stipend of The Infinite Process given to those whose work is to be included in the Anthology, the promotion of which is the responsibility of these stipend contest winners.  The stipend may increase as contest winner's promotional work bears out the initial prize. 


Disclaimer: Information regarding contests and prizes are subject to change based upon availability of funds and interest in programs.  Notice will be given by mail (email if possible) to anyone who has already submitted material of changes made to the program.  Please forgive any inconvenience this may cause.  Check back for the most current information.